Source Emissions Analysis

ECA performs the analysis of air samples collected from industrial stack testing using all of the methods listed in the table below as well as others. We do not do complete Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) on-site. We can collect grab air samples in SUMMA canisters and Tedlar bags. We have discontinued source testing in order to concentrate in what we do best, chemical analysis. We have a good supply of SUMMA canisters in our laboratory that are cleaned and certified and ready to use. We also rent canisters and flow controllers, please contact us for this service. We also prepare any required impinger solutions for our clients, when these are needed. Please contact us with your source emissions analysis requirements.

EPA and CARB Source Testing Methods

EPA Method 18 VOC’s/GC
EPA Method 18 Modified VOC’s/GC-MS
EPA Method 24 VOC’s in Surface Coatings/Gravimetric
EPA Method 24a VOC’s in Printing Inks/Gravimetric
EPA Method 25 Gaseous Non-Methane Organics
EPA Method 25a Gaseous Organic Concentration
EPA Method 25c Non-Methane Organic Carbon in landfill Gases
EPA Method 25d VOC’s in Waste Samples
EPA Method 29 Metals Emissions from Stationary Sources
EPA Method 101a Mercury Emissions from Sewage Sludge Incinerators
EPA Method 311 HAPS in Paints and Coatings
CARB Method 13a Total Fluoride/SPADNS
CARB Method 13b Total Fluoride/ISE
CARB Method 101,102,105 Mercury Emissions
CARB Method 103,104 Beryllium Emissions
CARB Method 108 Particulate and Gaseous Arsenic in Ore
CARB Method 108a Arsenic in Ore
CARB Method 422 VOC’s from Stationary Sources
CARB Method 423 Particulate and Gaseous Inorganic As
CARB Method 424 Inorganic Cadmium Emissions
CARB Method 430 Formaldehyde Emissions
CARB Method 432 DCM and TCA in Paints and Coatings
CARB Method 436 Determination of Multiple Metals